Services AVS Provides:

Commercial TV Service

American Video Systems, Inc. designs, builds, installs and services headened systems from the headend to the television on the wall. Field services, monthly service calls, and after hours emergency services are available. Authorized LG and HCI service technician provides repair service.

Satellite Television

American Video Systems, Inc. is an authorized Directv dealer. We design, install, and maintain Directv headend systems for private office space and large buildings. American Video Systems, Inc. will set up your account and maintain and ipdate your system as needed.

Health Education Systems


Camera Systems

American Video Systems, Inc. designs and installs camera monitoring systems for conference rooms, patient rooms, radiolgy departments and cameras through out hospitals and medical facilities.

Audio Visual System

Audio Visual designs and installation are provided for conference rooms and all types of theater application including: LCD projection systems, intercom systems, A-phone with video, visual monitoring, and audio systems for O.R. application.

Public Address Systems

Design, installation and service of overhead public address systems are provided by American Video Systems, Inc. We work with 25 and 70 volt systems in conference rooms, medical facilities, and all types of theater applications.

Sales Installation Service

Televisons- American Video Systems, Inc. is an authorized dealer for LG and HCI
Paging systems
Audio systems
Health education systems