+ Runs on Android operating system
+ Built-in web browser
+ Healthcare-grade
+ Standard ethernet capability
+ Provides patients, visitors and staff with video, music, and photos on demand
+ Front keypad allows staff and visitors access to television controls without disturbing the patient
+ Rounded corners for patient, staff, and visitor safety
+ Beautiful wide screen, perfect pixel, high definition LCD display with superior viewing angles
+ Easily accessible side inputs for other devices
+ Optional built-in WiFi
+ Universal pillow speaker design (both 1/4" and 6-pin amphenol inputs)
+ USB flash clone and remote clone make copying TV settings and PC storage of files easier than ever before
+ Compatible with HCI MediaCare2

+ The only INFECTION CONTROL television with a unique flat antimicrobial surface that can be cleaned with disinfectants for infection control purposes
+ Ultra-durable all-glass front is impervious to bacteria and does not break
+ Capacitive touch button panel never wears out and accommodates weak fingers
+ "CLEAN" TV button locks the front keypad during cleaning and sends reminders when the TV needs to be cleaned
+ Whispering wall speakers allow for a better viewing experience and eliminate bacteria-hosting speaker grills
+ USB port or optional internal disk storage to store and play media such as educational and entertainment videos, pictures, and music
+ Available in 26" and 32" sizes
+ Virtual channel line-up makes channels easier for patients to find
+ Rounded corners help protect patients, visitors and staff from injury
+ USB clone makes TV installation and setup quicker and easier